The INFINITREE Advantage

InfiniTree is a highly engineered polymer providing the maintenance-free look and feel of wood without fading, ideal for the outdoor furniture market

  • Maintenance-free, 100% engineered plastic
  • Backed by our 5 year product performance warranty
  • Our products are time tested in furniture, decking, cladding, window and door applications
  • Retains its beautiful wood appearance… UVCON accelerated weather tests show no visible color shift or strength reduction after 1500hrs = 3 to 5 years outdoor exposure

Extensive Research, Development, and Testing

Yields a far superior chemical formulation enabling InfiniTree to consistently outperform local Chinese PS:

  • BEST Stain resistance
  • BEST Anti-Warp performance
  • BEST Burn protection (Sunshield)
  • BEST UV/Fade longevity


North American Manufacturing Quality Control Standards

  • Significantly low number of consumer returns
  • 5 year product performance warranty
  • Head office in Oakville, Ontario, Canada
  • Manufacturing located in Shanghai, China


Unparalleled Engineering & Technical Support
at Your Disposal

  • Lowers your cost — reduces engineering and design expenditures
  • Saves time — gets your product to market faster

From concept to finished product, we're here to help!


Marketing Support

Leverage our effective consumer-focused materials for use with your products:

  • Easy-peel “I’M NOT WOOD” stickers feature a bold statement that attracts a lot of attention to your products
  • “Easy, Beautiful, Forever” hang tags, draw in those who crave more detailed information



Easy to MaintainInfiniTree is the premium zero maintenance material consumers are looking for. Unlike wood or composite materials, InfiniTree requires no staining, painting or finishing so you can enjoy your InfiniTree products year in and year out.

Easy to CleanInfiniTree is simple to clean. Just wash with warm water and mild dish soap to keep the material looking fresh and new.

Easy to WorkInfiniTree material can be fabricated just like wood. It can be cut, bent, routered, screwed and joined.


Annual staining or painting is never required with InfiniTree

EFFORTLESS: Go Ahead, leave InfiniTree outdoors year around!



Wood Look InfiniTree mimics the natural beauty of wood. Colour variations and random grains create a desirable, premium appearance.

Wood Feel InfiniTree is available in multiple textures including our unique sanded, seasoned and weathered treatments.

No Fading InfiniTree has industry leading weather resistance so its natural beauty lasts a lifetime

No Rotting, Splitting or Cracking Unlike WPC, InfiniTree does not absorb water eliminating black rot, splitting, cracking and chaulking.

Our InfiniTree colors and textures are matched only by the beauty of wood

It is just a matter of time before the elements cause wood to rot, split and crack



RecyclableInfiniTree is 100% recyclable. Unlike composite materials, InfiniTree products can be reprocessed or recycled at the end of their useful lives.

No Scrap — All plastic scrap produced in the manufacture of InfiniTree products is recaptured and reprocessed.

No ChemicalsInfiniTree offers a beautiful and enduring alternative to chemically treated woods like pine and cedar and never requires hazardous painting or staining.

“Forest Friendly”InfiniTree also reduces the need for harvesting the earth’s forests making it a “Forest Friendly” alternative.



WarrantyInfiniTree is backed by a 5 year limited warranty.

WeatherabilityInfiniTree’s weather resistance is proven with products in the field for over 5 years and is unparalleled in the industry. InfiniTree far outperforms real wood or composite materials.

No Wood fillers — Our 100% plastic formulation is stiff and strong. We do not use any organic additives such as wood, bamboo or rice husk flour to fill our product. That means no water absorption that leads to rot, mould, staining and loss of strength.

InfiniTree: All the beauty of wood with the strength of InfiniTree’s weatherproof technology

WOOD: Fading, staining and discoloration is inevitable.

Impact ResistanceInfiniTree is resistant to impact and will not crack or split.

No Water StainsInfiniTree is a closed cell material and will not stain or absorb any moisture that would lead to rot and mold.

5 year Warranty — 1500 hours of UVCON weather testing is equivalent to 3 to 5 years outdoors. InfiniTree’s formulation has not changed in over 5 years. Our products are time tested in furniture, decking, cladding, window and door applications.


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